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Bunch of junk

Always saying its having trouble… Never really wants to work… I try and try again… What a waste of my dollar… Hope you have fun spending my dollar… Dont waste your money folks!

rip off

I chose to get text notifications so I spent an extra 3 dollars. However I never received a verification code or anything. Total rip off!

Takes a dump every time it snows

Whats the point of a snow day predictor if the app cant handle the traffic on a snow day. Works great in July when I dont need it.


Sometimes it says try again,

Works great!

This app worked perfectly for me In the summer! Every day it said limited and it was right!!!! Thanks !!!!!

More accurate then any of the other Apps

I have used this app for years and it is always right on the money when it comes to its predictions.

Snow day calculator

Only works in america does not work in Canada completely useless to Canadians I just paid for this app fix this ASAP!!!!!!

Rip off!!!

I just wasted my money on something that doesnt even work in my country like what fix it or give me my money back. Id give it a zero if I could

Completely useless for Canadians

I just purchased this app hoping that it would be a snow day tomorrow and when I logged onto the app after paying a dollar 19 it was not working after about half an hour I finally found out that the app was just for America it should really be stated in the app description but it is not I think the app creators should really fix this and give whoever paid their money back for anybody planning to purchase this app do not if you are living in Canada until they do the update if they are even planning to


All it gives you is error messages!!!

Snow Day

Judging from previous reviews, it all depends on expectations. Yes, there are some flaws, but it works for fun if nothing else.


Never once has it been correct. Whoever made this app can go kill them self

Do not buy

I bought this app last week and it hasnt worked at all. I emailed the seller about it and he said due to a lot of people trying to use it, it was running slow. Ive tried numerous times to use the app since and it still does not work.


The first year I used this, it was very accurate. Since then, it is horrible. Most of the time, I get a message that says it cannot connect with the weather server. It is a useless app.

Fun app., bad server

This app is pretty good at predicting a snow day, but he doesnt seem to have invested in his server. Whenever I try to use it when a storm is approaching, I get an error that says the app. is having trouble connecting to the internet. I know its not my internet; I can do everything else I do that requires internet. I assume this means there are a lot of people trying to use it and not enough server space to handle the traffic.

Doesnt work

The app does not work. It is not any more capable of handling the high traffic than the website.

To bad

Last year this app worked pretty good. This year, it doesnt even work. To bad.

Does not work

Purchased this app, will not load. Error message, my prediction center is not responding.


This app does not work at all a total scam :(


This app is awful it literally doesnt even work. When I put my zip code in it says my connection is not good and I should try again later but Ive done that multiple times. Its a waste of money that was not wisely spent by me. Save your self a dollar for anything else than this because its only purposive being on your phone is just a waste of storage.

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