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Dont waste your money, this app does not work. Weve had school closing the last three days and every day it says limited chance. Even when we received 8 inches of snow!!

Wish I could get my money back

It is an ok app half the time the other half is full of glitches it ask you if you would like to sign up for text alerts dont you have to pay more for it and you have a fifty fifty chance of it sending you the text that gives you the pass word for it to work if it doesnt you can email the creator of the app but he is vary slow about fixing your problem so that is why I have stopped emailing him about the glitches because I 99% shore that they will be slow to fix them so save your 99cents and just use the free one online and add it to your home screen on your phone their are no glitches on the free web site

Not Worth The Money

I got this app originally and thought it was free, but it isnt. For me it says limited chance for a snow day before and after our superintendent already calls it! I think the app could use more than a little help, mostly for that reason. If you arent looking for any exact predictions then it would be fine or if you didnt care if it said "limited chance" after the schools are closed then go ahead buy it. What Im saying is Im not really liking it I would try another app with higher ratings. Thank you for your time

Money wasting stupidness


Terrible accuracy

It is really bad

Ok but

For the first winter I had this, it worked great. Now, it zooms in WAY to much and I cant even read it!!! Please fix

Used to be good

The app used to work great but now it just zooms in on a corner of the screen and there isnt a way to zoom out.


I want my money back I cant view the chances because it is zoomed in. This is a waste of money. Please refund me.

Terrible app!

Not accurate at all and a waste of money

Terrible app!

Not worth the purchase! Doesnt work!!

Worked fine, until...

Downloaded really just for fun. Worked great, for about an hour. Then kept giving me an error message that Im not connected to the Internet. Tried powering off phone, re-installing the app, still not working. No fun.

Amazing App!!!!!!

Predictions have always been accurate for me and is worth the money!!!


this app is as trashy as that new Kanye diss toward Nike

Dont buy

Predictions are wrong not worth buying just go on the website for free.

Shouldve read the reviews..

You can tell one of those reviews isnt even real. This app doesnt work. It tells me its not able to find my school or locate my area.


Very gud

Does not even work

The app does not even work for most locations.

Snow Day? Scam.

Booted up the app, typed in my zip code, and immediately got the cannot connect to server message. I was running the app on my iPhone 6s with perfect internet connection. It has still continued to display this message every time I try to get a prediction. Until this app is fixed save your money.


I bought the nonfictional pack and they never even sent a code for confirmation

Edit: Predictions inaccurate.

Predictions have been extremely accurate for multiple years! Edit: Predictions start at 99% every night then slowly decrease to 20% by morning. This app used to work fine, now its just a waste of time and cash. Also, Kuzel, this IS a real review.

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