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This is a horrible app it says that there is a 87% chance you wake up and there is not a flake of snow on the ground. Dont get this app

Horrible predictions

It will be a pretty good (fake) chance and then it suddenly goes down... Worst app ever waste of time

Works great

I see a lot of poor reviews on this app, not sure why. Ive been using the site for years now, and I wanted to get the app for easier access and it has been working flawlessly! Thanks

Wow . Just wow.

This app is a disgraceful piece of software that sits on a throne of lies. Two hours ago it said 99% chance of snow day. Now its 31%. How can u live with the guilt of killing childrens dreams every morning bc of ur faulty predictions ???? Shame on you

This app

It is a waste of money and time. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!!!!!!

Dont buy

Monday we dont even have school! If it knows my area, how does it not know?! Plus, earlier it said 100% chance, BUT WE STILL HAD SCHOOL!!!! Plz dont waist your time on this. Find something else to buy.

Not that accurate . Kinda stressful

The night of Monday February 15th I checked this app it said chance of 76% of school closing. I checked about an hour later and it was at 20%. It said it went from a high 76% percent due to a storm passing. I dont know if its me but every night it starts out like at 60-90% and in the morning its limited. Lets get to the point


at first I was all in like this app was never wrong until the past two times I relied on it. it said limited % chance of a closing and we ended up closing and another time it said 45% chance and I thought at least a delay and nothing


Has said limited chance for all 4 snow days Ive had! Seriously

Neither reliable or accurate

This app is better used as a drinking game.


This app is highly inaccurate. It seems to only base predictions moment to moment rather than factoring in future weather data. Its pretty much a joke.

Great app with a grain of salt

I think this is a great app. I mean no one can be 100% on school closings but the school itself so dont bank on this, but its a good gauge for parents who need to tentatively have a back up plan in place! Thank you!

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